センター試験 英語リスニング「予想問題」 解答・解説編

第3問B 長い会話を聞き取る問題


問17:正解 2|あなたの解答:-

問18:正解 2|あなたの解答:-

問19:正解 2|あなたの解答:-




(I really would like to train) an athletic dog

(We could do) lots of exercise (together)


(I’d like) a big one
(dreaming of having) a big dog

(I can convince our parents that) this is the best choice


(I really would like to train) an athletic dog
(This dog seems) very active

I was thinking the same thing.

  • M:What are you looking at?
  • W:A catalog of dogs. You know what? Dad is finally letting us get a dog.
  • M:Really? How exciting!
  • W:Yes. So, which dog do you think is for us?
  • M:Well, I think this one is the best. I really would like to train an athletic dog like this. We could do lots of exercise together.
  • W:I can imagine you together!
  • M:Yeah..., but there’s a problem. You know, I think Mom wants us to have a small dog.
  • W:You’re right. So..., how about this one? This dog seems very active in spite of its size.
  • M:I was thinking the same thing.
  • W:Well, Mom and Dad would probably be happy with a small, quiet dog. But, since we have a yard, I’d like a big one. I’ve been dreaming of having a big dog my entire life.
  • M:So you are looking at this cheerful one?
  • W:Yes. I’m sure I can convince our parents that this is the best choice.
Q17.What kind of dog does the man refer to first in the conversation?
Q18.Which dog does the woman want?
Q19.Which characteristic does the man want his dog to have?
  • :何を見てるの?
  • :犬のカタログよ。知ってる? パパがやっと犬を飼わせてくれるって。
  • :本当に? やったー!
  • :ええ。それで,どの犬がいいと思う?
  • :うーん,これがいいよ。こういう運動神経のいいやつを訓練したいんだ。いっしょにたくさん運動できるしね。
  • :想像できるわね。
  • :うん。でも難しいだろうね。だって,ママはちっちゃい犬を飼ってほしいだろうし。
  • :そうね。だったらこれはどう? この犬は大きさの割にすごく活発そうだし。
  • :僕もそう思った。
  • :ねえ,ママとパパは小さくて静かな犬がいいんだろうけど,せっかく庭があるんだから,大きいのがいいわ。大きな犬を飼いたいとずっと思ってたのよ。
  • :てことは,この元気そうなやつ?
  • :そう。これが一番だって,パパとママを説得できると思うわ。